Monthly Archives: December 2018

Thompson Chapel at Williams College shines a warm light on a snowy night. Photo by Kate Abbott

Berkshire holiday music warms midwinter BTW

Winds in the reeds lift a clear tone in longing for home — a heartbeat Last year, on a snowy day, we heard a solo harp. Students sang a medieval carol and a modern one by Richard Wilbur, our former poet Laureate and former Berkshire voice in the hills, and Rick Spaulding talked gently, sadly,…

Fresh snow piles and hemlock trees on a December morning at The Boulders in Dalton. Photo by Thom Smith

The friendly hemlock — East coast evergreen

Berkshire Naturalist Thom Smith finds color in the winter woods. Never confuse this evergreen with a Christmas Tree — regardless of the name, it will be a happier tree outside than inside, as its needles fall upon drying out. It’s a common tree in cool woods with moist soil throughout New England, and north well into Canada,…