April 06 2022 Edition
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By the Way
The flute holds a long tone and turns it, and the sound flexes like a dancer. Two traditions are meeting here tonight from thousands of miles away. Ragas are patterns of sound in Indian classical music, like a key but more varied and precise. In Arabic music, a maqam is a mode, a pattern of melody and scale and modulation. An ensemble has come up from the group Brooklyn Raga Massive to explore both together.

They begin with contemporary compositions inspired by ragas, and the musicians improvise from their own traditions. Jay Ghandi is playing the bansuri, the wooden flute made from bamboo, picking up the lead and then handing it on to the violin, cello, percussion.

How can I describe it for you — how the sitar can fill the hall, taut and tenor? Hidayat Kahn seems to sit listening and quiet and then shift a finger on a wide fret and send a current through the music.

And the tones, the intervals, the rhythms are all new to me. I don’t have the words for them yet. The music has its own language, and I’ve only begun to hear it. But I can feel it. When the melody instruments are pairing up, responding to each other, and then the drums pick up all at once and everyone comes in together — the energy lifts and crests, and the tabla shifts its tone as Nitin Mitta shifts the angle of his hands.

Then they turn to a maqam. Zafer Tawil is holding a rhythm with his oud and joining in the melody with the kanun beside him (an Arabic stringed instrument like a dulcimer), and he begins to sing in a bass-baritone strong enough to carry over the whole ensemble. I want to know the words, to follow the feeling in them. They seem glad and longing and vital. And Firas Zreik is plucking the kanun clear tones, quickening until the percussion blurs into a sweeping rise.

This is so much of what I love in the Berkshires. It’s why I’m here. I can walk in from a spring night to a concert at to Williams College and hear musicians sharing music with roots across the world. And the flute calls like the owl I heard on the ridge above Hopkins Forest an hour ago. — By the Way Berkshires

Photo at the top — Creative Commons image of an oud by Rod Waddington


In Weep Holes at Mass MoCA, Lily Cox-Richard has woven tomato frames into starbursts with kudzu vines.

Lily Cox-Richard melds land and community

Ceramic fire pots slope against the brick, imprinted with patterns of leaves. Last summer in the Berkshires, people gathered around them on warm nights ...

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Castillos Texas laurel seeds 2 V2
Armando Guadalupe Cortés’ 'Castillo' honors the people and the land in his native Mexico with clay figurines as well as vivid feathers, stones, seeds and more, at Mass MoCA.
Armando Guadalupe Cortés’ 'Castillo' honors the people and the land in his native Mexico with obsidian as well as stones, feathers, figurines and more, at Mass MoCA.

Mass MoCA shows look toward a new future

Last summer in Southern California, a group of friends made bowls in their back yard, and two days later they hardened them in a wood fire while the clay took on a patina from the smoke ...

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Lynn Neuman, Artistic Director of Artichoke Dance Company, holds a conversation on climate activism and live, embodied performance. Press photo courtesy of Williams College

Dancing Resilience: Climate Action

April 7 at 5 p.m.

The Williams College '62 Center opens a conversation about the relations between climate activism and live, embodied performance.

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Williams College Center for Environmental Sciences (CES) on a summer day. Photo by Kate Abbott

Log Lunch — Justice and the environment

April 8 at noon

Log Lunch returns this spring, today with Sharon Lewis from the Conn. Coalition for Environmental Justice, speaking on NIMBY Justice and the land.

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Herons next at the Tracy Brook Sanctuary off Swamp Road in Richmond.

Birding Workshop on spring waterfowl

April 9 at 7:30 a.m.

Mass Audubon naturalist Zach Adams will lead a tour of Berkshire lakes and ponds in search of spring water birds — mergansers, wood ducks and more.

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Brightly painted Slavic Easter eggs celebrate the holiday. Creative Commons courtesy photo

Slavic Easter egg decorating

April 9 at noon and 2 — April 11 to 14 at 2 p.m.

Ventfort Hall will offer its annual Slavic Easter egg decorating workshops, an Eastern European tradition of creating intricate and beautifully decorated eggs.

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Writers in residence read their work at Art OMI in Ghent, N.Y.

Writers OMI share global reading

April 9 from 5 to 7:30 p.m.

Writers from around the globe will share new and in-progress writing from their residence at Art Omi — provocative, funny, innovative voices.

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Set 12 years before the epic His Dark Materials trilogy, the Book of Dust revisits Philip Pullman’s fantastical world as waters are rising and storms are brewing. Press image courtesy of the Mahaiwe.

Book of Dust: London's National Theatre

April 9 at 7 p.m.

Set 12 years before the epic trilogy His Dark Materials, this adaptation revisits Philip Pullman’s fantastical world in which storms are rising.

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Balafon master and griot Mamadou Diabaté will perform at Mass MoCA. Press photo courtesy of the museum

Balafon virtuoso Mamadou Diabate

Apri 9 at 8 p.m.

​​The internationally acclaimed balafon virtuoso, musician and griot Mamadou Diabate will perform live at Mass MoCA.

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Tulips bloom vividly in Edith Wharton's gardens. Press photo courtesy of The Mount.

Arda Collins and Darrel Alejandro Holnes

April 12 at 4 p.m. (online)

Arda Collins and Darrel Alejandro Holnes will join in conversation with Courtney Maum about the elusive and inspired craft of poetry writing.

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A man holds a Ukrainian flag as people in the Ukrainian diaspora in Brussels protest the Russian attacks. Creative Commons courtsy photo

Poetry of the Ukraine at Simon's Rock

April 13 at 6 p.m.

John Hennessy and Jim Kates will read from their translations of Ukrainian poetry in solidarity with the current plight of the Ukrainian people.

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