You can’t stop the beat in the Berkshires (#this weekend)

High point in the last week? We’ve had so many as summer hits the Berkshires, even in these chaotic days. Scarlet, my first summer intern, has been getting me out to explore.

We went to Jacob’s Pillow together on their opening day, and I sat transfixed by the beauty of movement that has lived a thousand years and more, and all the pain and joy and past and future these artists embody — Jasmine Hearn danced with light and shadow. Dormeshia shook the room with the music of Nina Simone.

The Warwick Gombey troup took me back to the exaltation of walking through town behind the timpany drums in the college marching band, the sheer energy of being that present.

And Scarlet has brought me along to places and people I’ve wanted to know. She introduced me to the Chingon Taco Truck, and I got my first taste of their carnitas, sitting in the sun in the Mass MoCA courtyard.

Friday afternoon we were walking slowly through the gardens at the Mount, from the sea serpent to the dolphin fountain. She met me here to wander through the house and talk about Age of Innocence on the lawn …

Edith Wharton has a way of suggesting passion and pleasure in the world if we have the nous to look, even when her storytellers turn away. In AoI, Ellen Olenska grew up dancing flamenco, as we saw Nelida Tirado and her company perform.

And she would have walked around the corner from her apartment in Paris to see Rodin’s work at the Louvre, as we saw his bronzes a week ago at the Clark. But he would have been alive then, shaping psyche and eros out of clay in his studio. Loie Fuller would have been talking with him over coffee and inventing modern dance in Paris as Ted Shawn and Ruth St. Denis traveled the world.

This weekend …

We discover a whimsical sea serpent, sculpture and June flowers in the gardens at the Mount, above, and Rose B. Simpson’s ceramic sculptures and Chingon tacos at Mass MoCA, and an evening of Internationally acclaimed American dancers at Jacob’s Pillow, from Jake George and the Traditional Iroquois dancers (above) to tap legend Dormeshia, poet and artist Jasmine Hearn and ballet powerhouse Sara Mearns

Events coming up …

Find more art and performance, outdoors and food in the BTW events calendar.

Fall color comes to Pine Cobble and the stacked cobbles of the Ledges in Williamstown.
Mar 29 2023 @ 4:30 pm
Wild Soul River holds a weekly gentle exploration into the symbols and stories of the tarot in an affirming environment.
Amateur historian Philippa Langley finds the lost burial site of King Richard III. Film stills courtesy of Transmission films
Mar 29 2023 @ 4:30 pm
Amateur historian Philippa Langley believes she has made the archeological find of the century under a car park in Leicester — the lost burial site of King Richard III, lost for more than 500 years.
Microphone. Courtesy photo (Creative Commons) by Ernest Duffoo.
Mar 29 2023 @ 7:00 pm
Join the Barn for night with their regular Open Mic, as musicians gather around the piano, the stage and the fireplace for an intimate night of songs.

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