What’s your first real taste of summer? (#this weekend)

You know the feeling when something hits home and you feel your expression shift instinctively — like tasting something that surprises you with its flavor?

On a hot afternoon this time last year, I remember, I walked into Berkshire Botanical Garden in the full sun and realized the roses were all in bloom. Deep orange, pale gold, salmon pink in a translucent wash over cantaloupe … I kept coming up close, kneeling in the grass to see the colors in the petals.

I walked through the beds around a 200-year-old millstone, thinking how did I never known they were here — in 20 years, how have I never thought to come to the garden at this time of year?

It’s that time again now. Summer is loosening up, and the energy is building. Jacob’s Pillow and Tanglewood are opening, and the Clark Art Institute and the Norman Rockwell Museum are hanging their new shows, and celebrations are sweeping the county for Juneteenth and freedom.

And we’re keeping our eyes open for you. BTW has a new summer writer and intern, and another coming soon, and you’ll see their work here as we explore together.

This weekend …

This week the summer is opening around us … Helia Native Nursery opens for a popup plant sale at the top and roses bloom at the Berkshire Botanical Garden (in photos I’ve taken), and Adam H. Weinert dances at Jacob’s Pillow at right, in a press photo by Christopher Duggan, and Mythili Prakash performs below in photos by Jorge Vismara, as she will in the Ted Shawn Theatre. …

Events coming up …

Find more art and performance, outdoors and food in the BTW events calendar.

The Bear and Bee Bookshop gleams at dusk on a cool night.
Dec 6 2022 @ 10:00 am
North Adams plans to go full Clark Griswold downtown this year, as local shops and businesses hang lights and create a window displays.
Ventfort Hall hangs stockings by the chimney. Photo by Susan Geller
Dec 6 2022 @ 10:00 am
Ventfort Hall is decorated for the holiday season in Victorian finery through the end of the year, decked in evergreen and lights for festive self-guided tours.
A Reindog makes friends at the annual Reindog Parade at the annual Williamstown Holiday Walk. Photo courtesy of the Williamstown Chamber of Commerce
Dec 6 2022 @ 10:00 am
Williamstown downtown shops and businesses will collect necessary items in December to help Berkshire communities in need.

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