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Scarlet runner beans wind up the feet of the iron arch. A ring of curves form a trellis, a dome open to the sky. In the heart of a Shaker garden, Pinaree Sanpitak has made an affirmation of life and force in a woman’s body and a Buddhist sacred space.

Snapdragons bloom at Hancock Shaker Village.
Photo by Kate Abbott

Snapdragons bloom at Hancock Shaker Village.

I’m walking through Hancock Shaker Village and soaking in the calm. The sun comes out from behind a cloud, and the tansy is golden and as high as my collarbones, and a monarch butterfly is drinking from a zinnia.

Ben and Scarlet will meet me here in a few minutes, and we’ll walk through the village in search of summer artists. Three international makers have created work here now. Sanpitak looks toward us from Thailand as she is representing her home in the Venice bienale.

Yusuke Asai of Japan paints bright-eyed creatures in earth-toned ink. In the two brick rooms of the poultry house, they spill across the walls and floor like the merganser ducklings I saw on the Hoosic a couple of weeks ago, charging after their mother, so fast and light they ran on the surface of the water.

And I’ll have to come back to see Korean artist Kimsooja and her threads of fiber art. The three of us walk around the circle of the round stone barn and out into the farmyard to watch the chickens bathing in the dust and the kid goats nuzzling at the water trough.

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Orange and gold tulips bloom at the annual Daffodil and Tulip Festival at Naumkeag in Stockbridge.
Apr 21 2024 @ 10:00 am
Naumkeag's annual Spring Celebration returns for its 5th year, as the eight acres of gardens bloom with bulbs to celebrate spring in the Berkshires.
Young lambs curl up together at Hancock Shaker Village.
Apr 21 2024 @ 10:30 am
Celebrate the arrival of spring with the village's merino sheep as they get their annual haircuts in a woollyweekend of family fun with all the baby animals.
A boy and a lamb walk by the pasture at Hancock Shaker Village.
Apr 21 2024 @ 11:00 am
Hancock Shaker Village welcomes visitors to meet their newest farm babies – lambs, piglets, calves, chicks and kid goats, and enjoy events and activities throughout the Village.

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