We’re looking for people to talk to. While we’re at home, we’re trying to keep up our spirits. It can be wearing to be alone.

You know the feeling of walking into a roomful of friends and letting the conversation lap around you. Maybe you’ve come in from working in the garden in these early spring days. Maybe you’re tired and tense. Maybe you warm up the pizza, or sit on the floor in muddy jeans and lean against the couch and listen to someone glow with enthusiasm about oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, or the sequel to a novel filled with clockwork magic realism, or the beauty of sign language. Maybe you pause every few seconds to field a toddler who wants to climb on the chairs.

Storytelling can help in troubled times. It gives an outlet and brings people together. And we can hear stories even now. We can talk to each other.

The Berkshires have connections to a broad collection of storytellers. We have writers who live here and writers who have come to visit. People teach here and perform here. We have actors and slam poets. Bloggers and podcasters. Spoken word and story slams. Fiction and poetry. We have conversations to share. Here are a few, and I’ll keep adding as we go on.

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