BTW Summer 2017

Here it is, to celebrate June — the 2017 BTW Summer Magazine is live. It’s almost 250 pages of art, music, theater, hikes and festivals, with calendars from June to September, from tonight’s Artswalk and Tanglewood’s popular music to FreshGrass at Mass MoCA.

Scroll a touch and you’ll see the cover embedded in this post. Hover or click on the right side or at the foot to flip through the pages like a book, and navigate through from the table of contents on pages 2 and 3. Or download it to read it as a searchable .pdf. (It’s laid out this way to make the calendars easy to read, and because the part of me that laid out print magazines for eight years still loves playing with images.) Join me in looking forward to the summer!



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  1. Howard
    June 5, 2017 at 9:39 pm

    Thank you, Thom Smith, for this very informative article. I believe I have milkweed in one of my large flowerbeds, and you’ve encouraged me to leave it all alone, hopeful that some Monarchs will find food here on their journeys.

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