BTW Winter-Spring Magazine is live

February to May —  theater, live poetry, dancers trying new choreography and sap houses stoking fires — the BTW Winter-Spring magazine is live. (Find it below.)

For the last two weeks I’ve been absorbed in the months ahead. I used to keep the time warp for late spring, when the summer schedules flood in before the peepers start calling. In March I’ll be swimming in lawn concerts and firefly walks while Bartholomew’s Cobble and Williamstown Rural Lands and Mass Audubon are leading salamander searches in the vernal pools. But this year I’ve started early. Here are events from the 10×10 Festival to Mother’s Day — music, art, walks and wildflowers. If you’d like to warm up with a concert by the fire or daydream about day-old chicks, take a look.

(To read it, scroll down a hair and you’ll see the cover of the magazine. You can hover and click on the side or the foot, or touch it on mobile, to turn the pages, or feel free to download it.)

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