Call for Summer Events

It’s snowing outside the window, and I would like to be slopping around in the glorious, raw New England spring. The trees are knobbled with leaf buds, and last week the crocuses and blue cilla were fully open along my street. On kitchen windowsills, new seedlings in their planter trays smell of damp earth.

My heart is in the swampy corner of Springside Park, watching the silent ascent of a barred owl — but my head is in July. For the next few weeks, I’ll be hip-deep in a summer magazine and calendar.

Send me your concerts, plays, art shows, garden tours and canoe trips! The deadline is April 29 for events from Memorial Day to Labor Day in the Berkshire region, Southern Vermont, New York to the west and Pioneer Valley to the east. (If you’ve ever tried to type 80 pages of calendar listings, you’ll know why I’m collecting events now as fast as possible.) The listings are free for nonprofits. And if you’re planning to lead a hike up the Thunderbolt, play bongos outside a bookstore, race your champion piglet, dance with giant puppets or declaim “Fear no more the heat of the sun …” on North Street while juggling heirloom tomatoes, I want to know about it.

You can email me at Photos are always welcome too.

Hundreds of people are planning hundreds of events right now, and their energy is humbling. Brava to all of you!

But today I can step out of time warp and look at the spring shows too, the egg and spoon races, the Earth Day circles and the paintings and sketches I haven’t seen in the museums, or haven’t seen long enough.

This is in-between time, mating season and egg-laying, when the birds racket in the mornings and the frogs sing and the hibernators stretch and move out of their damp holes. This is lambing season. Snow is falling today, but last week the peepers were calling at night after a thunderstorm.


Photo at the top: Lilies blook in July along the Bridge of Flowers in Shelburne Falls. Photo by Kate Abbott

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