Kinetic sculpture at Chesterwood

George Rickey’s metal forms caught the light and shifted in the wind. By that summer, he had shown them worldwide from Osaka to Berlin. In 1978, Maxwell Davidson met George Rickey for the first time at Rickey’s studio in East Chatham, N.Y. Davidson had opened his New York gallery 10 years before, and that summer, Rickey…

Glass art grows at Chesterwood

On one coast, young artists camped under massive pine trees while a furnace glowed under a wooden-beamed tent. On the other coast, a trim man and his daughter molded clay into the folds of a white shift. A fountain played behind his studio, and his sculpture in bronze and marble dignified monuments. This summer will…

Like a marble in the sun — Glass art

Glass art gleams in the woods and gardens at Chesterwood, the historic house and studio of Daniel Chester French in Stockbridge. On a bright afternoon this week I got to walk around the show with executive director Donna Hassler and the show’s curator, Jim Schantz, owner and director of Schantz Galleries Contemporary Art in Stockbridge,  and talk about the young, experimental glass movement in the U.S. The show opens tomorrow, and you’ll see the story in the Eagle next week.