At WCMA 500-year-old objects tell contemorary stories

How would a carver in 16th-century France get ivory? Why does St. Lucy carry two eyes on a platter? In The Presence of Absence, curator Kevin Murphy presents an unusual collection of medieval objects from France and Spain, Persia and Byzantium, and the text in the show offers some unusual insights.

WCMA rediscovers medieval gallery

The Williams College Museum of Art has recovered a vanished room. It feels like a kind of mythical medieval place, with a floor of handmade tiles and dark plaster walls, oak beams and diamond-paned windows with inset stained glass. It was designed almost 80 years ago, walled away and almost forgotten. The young museum built…

A treasure hunt for people of hay

Berkshire naturalist Thom Smith has gone searching for sculptures, from jazz musicians to refugees to Don Quixote and Sancho Panza …  I have often called Berkshire artist Michael Melle’s sculptures, ‘straw people,’ but they are not straw — he chooses second cutting hay chosen for the best results. These hay and stick sculptures are fluid,…