Barrington Stage Company

‘Tribes’ at Barrington Stage

They meet at an art opening: a young man who doesn’t know the group and a young woman trying to get away from it. They are talking casually about stilt-walkers, champagne and Che Guevara. He asks her a question, and she moves her hands, the letters imagining the bloom flowering and then wilting. “Fingerspelling,” she says.…

New work on stage

This summer is rich in premieres at Berkshire theaters — new work developed here, often commissioned here and in full production here for the first time — and contemporary plays, recent if not new. I got to talk with artistic directors for Berkshire Theatre Festival, Barrington Stage and Williamstown Theatre Festival earlier this summer for a story in Berkshire Magazine before many of the shows were in rehearsal, and meet a playwright at Shakespeare & Company.

In the featured photo, Tamara Tunie and Michael Hayden hold onto each other in ‘American Son,’ which premiered at Barrington Stage Company in June and July. Photo by Scott Barrow, courtesy of Barrington Stage Company

10×10 Festival heats up

Drum beats and improvisation, bonfires, dance, oil paintings and spoken word … the city is getting ready. As I revise the poem I’m working on for the WordxWord Project on Friday, Pittsfield is preparing for its annual 10 days of performance and art — with tacos. And chocolate. WordxWord has intived me to be part of an…

‘His Girl Friday’ — Fast action on the Chicago Beat

It’s late night in a Chicago press room in 1939. Camped out in city hall, with the condemned cell behind a door and a gallows outside the window, reporters from the city papers are waiting for a hanging. Hildegard Johnson (Jane Pfitsch), once the best journalist in the city, drops in between trains to say…