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Berkshire Camino: Appalachian Trail

September 26 @ 10:00 am - 12:30 pm

A flat stone sits beside a bench, giving a place to rest beside a plaque holding the words of a contemporary Mohican poet at Thomas Palmer Brook Preserve in Great Barrington.
Photo by Kate Abbott

Get a taste of the iconic Appalachian Trail (AT) a 2100 mile through-trail that extends from Georgia to Maine. The group will hike an easy and beautiful 3.5 mile section from South Egremont to Sheffield as it passes through rolling lowlands. After the walk, you can explore downtown Great Barrington’s shops and cafes and find Berkshire Busk street performers starting around 5 p.m. Park in Great Barrington, and Berkshire Camino will transport you and your guided to and from the AT trailheads to Great Barrington. (There is not a bathroom available on this route.)

In the spirit of the Camino de Santiago, the walk along the centuries-old pilgrims’ way in Spain, Berkshire Camino will lead guided walks between towns, trails and creative places. Part retreat, part meditation, part hike and part exploration, they lead to new discoveries — a boardwalk in a marsh, ice cream on a dairy farm, outdoor sculpture in a pleasure garden …

Along with the regular walks, this summer Berkshire Camino will offer a Pop-up Series of guided walks in July and August, leading to highlights curated from sections of the routes guests enjoy the most.

The group will set an intention, walk with curiosity and let a burden go, as the longer walks do, but these are shorter, 2 to 4 miles on average, and take about two hours, giving time for other activities before or afterward. The walks will set out rain or shine unless there is a significant prediction of thunder and/or lightning.

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September 26
10:00 am - 12:30 pm
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Great Barrington
40 Railroad St.
Great Barrington, MA

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