IS183 lifts artists in virtual holiday market

Blue marbled cups and sunset in canyon country, beads of polished wood, a pendant like a bronze new moon … IS183 Art School of the Berkshires is creating a virtual holiday market for artists in the region. Mill Town Capital is sponsoring a virtual holiday popup shop through IS183’s website, through December 11.
“It’s like an Etsy shop or a virtual gallery,” said IS183’s executive director, Lucy Castaldo.
IS183 has invited their faculty and artists they have worked with over the years to join in, including Berkshire artists who have inspired classes based on their work.
Visitors can see each artist and work they have on offer.
They may find ceramics from Lorimer Burns and Ben Evans, and Jesse Tobin McCauley’s abstract paintings — in the bright colors of her new murals on North Street. Thaddeus B. Kubis, longtime IS183 photography instructor, captures landscapes and light, and Dylan W. Kubis shares a love of classic cars. Victoria Fiorini creates jewelry in cast metals, and Amy DiLalla of The Peach Tree beads with natural gemstones.
IS183 wants to make the artworks widely and easily accessible Castaldo said. They begin as low as $15, though some may range into the hundreds. IS183 will offer free delivery in the Berkshires — the faculty and artists and staff will volunteer to bring art by hand.
“Everyone should be able to have local art in their home,” she said.
Browsing through, guests may find Diane Firtell’s photography and collage, Ali Herrman’s mixed media paintings and jewelry, Stacy Scibelli’s clothing and fiber art, Brielle Rizzotti’s fiber art plush creatures, Elizabeth Spangler’s work and Kim Waterman’s drawings.
The artists will receive 70 percent of the sale, and 30 percent will benefit IS183. And though the popup is coming in December, the artists will return. The art school is building a virtual gallery shop, Castaldo said, and visitors will soon be able to find the artists’ work all year long.

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