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Let me tell you how I see the Berkshires.

Some of the stories here at BTW are features. I talk with someone, and I help to tell their story. I hang out with an artist who has spent a year drawing a landscape by hand, or a naturalist with a tree frog sitting on his thumb. In stories like these, I'm doing my best to give you their point of view.

And then sometimes I'll give you mine. After I've spent an afternoon backstage with the cast getting ready for a new play, maybe I'll go see them. Reading a script and watching actors work on their roles are always fascinating and completely different. And seeing the play live is something else again. The words come alive. When a woman is protecting her family a few feet away from you, and you see her instinctively shielding her brother, you can feel her love and fear palpably.

When I write a column, I talk in my own voice. When a performance moves me, or a work of art, I'll tell you why and how it feels. I'll share places I find, small towns I wander through, the bookstore up the dirt road with the pot-bellied stove. Some columns I'll share publicly, but if you join me in the work I'll share more here with you.

You'll see columns below. The first one or two are open to anyone to read, and after that are bonus columns for members. If you're a member, just log in to open and read the rest.