National Poetry Month begins

In the Berkshires. WordxWord has kicked off its 30/30 poetry challenge — through Facebook this year — and NaPoWriMo has begun the 2016 friendly challenge to write a poem a day this month. I will follow both here as closely as I can.

NaPoWriMo opened with a Lune, a poetry form inspired by Haiku. A traditional Lune has five syllables in the first line, then three, then five. I’ve played with avariation … five words in the first line, then three. The 30/30 prompt was “songs in the heart.” So here is a beginning and a salute to April.


Between bare twigs I saw

two merganser ducks

who touched down last night.


The first blood-warm rain

comes closer, beating,

and my heart is light.

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