And the world is blooming again — #Berkshireweekend

By now the tree peonies at Naumkeag should be out in their full glory. When I slid in last week they were just opening, wide heads of nested petals. I caught an unexpected hour of sunlight in the last few days of the tulip festival.

It was spur of the moment. I’d come to the Red Lion Inn for a day with the Berkshire Oral Histories Center and Housatonic Heritage, conversations about storytellers and the skill of listening … and when the talks eased to a close, the sun had come out. I was in Stockbridge in the golden hour with every tree in bloom.

The Naumkeag folk said I could come by, and I walked up from Main Street, past the Missinon House, through the cemetery and up the road. Sheep were grazing in the pastures below the barn, and two Grand Pyrenees barked a dutiful warning as I came past.

A Maypole shows bright color at Naumkeag in the last weekend of the tulip festival.
Photo by Kate Abbott

A Maypole shows bright color at Naumkeag in the last weekend of the tulip festival.

The light was just beginning to slant toward afternoon, that deep warm light that intensifies color, and the tulips in the lower beds glowed with it. Something about the wide view from this hill and the colors of a thousand bulbs always gives me a quiet exhilaration.

The trees were blooming in a long light row, and the path through the pines was bright with paper lanterns. This festival has a playful sense of humor, a release when spring finally unwinds.

And walking through in the afternoon, at the end of the day, feels like walking through a theater backstage as the actors walk off into the wings, tired and exhilarated and satisfied.

The fields below Naumkeag catch the late afternoon sun on a spring day.
Photo by Kate Abbott

The fields below Naumkeag catch the late afternoon sun on a spring day.

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