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Ice Glen feels like its own world. You walk through a gap in the rock, and the land changes — steps and caves, boulders covered with moss and fern. I am only a short scramble from the Housatonic River, and on a November day the path is wet and green with half-submerged pools and evergreens.

It looks like Endor, says the family who passes me on the path, or the planet where Yoda lives — Dagoba. But I’m thinking of Celtic legends where women protect wellsprings and change shape into barn owls, and trees talk, and the Sidhe, fair folk, spirits live in the hills.

There are still hemlocks growing here taller than my eye can track, though I can see more than one fallen tree on the steep slope, and they’re broad enough in the beam to make me think they were here before my grandmothers were born.

Maybe this path makes me aware of more than one rhythm of time. I stand nose to nose with a feathery fall of moss, and I’m not thinking this is a fantasy world, but that it holds my attention close in this one. And it has its own magic. It’s an indelible place.

I’m carrying it with me when I walk into Hilary Knight’s new exhibit at the Norman Rockwell Museum (with art from Eloise and more) and see the book cover he imagines for a gathering of fabulous monsters — a being with a human form and tapered horns and green shadows on their skin holds a hand to their heart, carrying a winged frog in their hair, and I wonder whether they would feel at home here.

Late fall weekend rambles

Hemlock needles for fine strokes against the in November sky in the Ice Glen in Stockbridge.
Photo by Kate Abbott

Hemlock needles for fine strokes against the in November sky in the Ice Glen in Stockbridge.

A walk through the Ice Glen brings a touch of magic to a November day, and local bakeries bring home comforts, from Sweet Sam Bakes in Williamstown and Bohemian Nouveaux in North Adams to the Lost Lamb in Stockbridge and Berkshire Mountain Bakery and the Sweetish Baker in Great Barrington …

Events coming up …

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Pastries topped with nuts and frosting gleam at the Break Room cafe in GreylockWorks, in North Adams.
Oct 1 2023 @ 9:30 am
GreylockWorks brings a mini makers market with a rotating array of local artisans, open studios and thoughtful food and drinks from The Break Room.
Kenneth Tigar stars in The Happiest Man on Earth, adapted from Eddie Jaku's memoir from World War II through a century. Press photo courtesy of Barrington Stage Company
Oct 1 2023 @ 1:30 pm
Eddie Jaku was a teenager as World War II began, and he survived Buchenwald, Auschwitz and a forced death march — a new play tells his story.
Justin Adhoot appears as Bilal as in ABCD. Press photos courtesy of Barrington Stage Company.
Oct 1 2023 @ 2:00 pm
In Sanaz Toossi's 2023 Pulitzer prizewinning play, four students meet regularly in a classroom in Iran, preparing to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language proficiency exam.

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