Exploring country roads in lilac time

Lilac time is here now … These are the few evenings in a year when I can sit on the front steps in the evening and feel petals blow against my shoulder. The scent feels tangible … and telepathic. Lilacs have always had magic for me. They hold my attention. They play with time. They tell me these few days are not like anything else, and they pull me out to sit in the evening while the light moves imperceptibly into dusk.

Right now I find I’m looking for that kind feeling — something simple and close by that shakes me out of my thoughts. Storm clouds skim over the trails at Performance Space 21 and turn half the sky swirling dark and half vivid blue. The Lost Lamb Bakery in Stockbridge gives me an almond criossant with a generous filling of almond paste rich with vanilla.

They surprise me into remembering something glad and strange, sensory and living, like buds opening. This moment of the year seems to tell time by flowers. We’re half-past columbine and a quarter to wild azalea … the minute hand is on the yellow lady slippers Thom Smith once showed me years ago, on a trail where we heard a scarlet tanager. The wild viburnum should be blooming on the high paths on the dome and Lenox Mountain.

I want to see and breathe them as long as they’re here. The evenings are growing longer now, and it’s a good time to talk with someone in the quiet, with the sound of wind in the leaves.

This weekend …

Artists talk about their work at the Marble House, actors open the season at Shakesepare & Company and at Performance Space 21 in Chatham, N.Y., and the Metropolitan Opera comes to the Mahaiwe on the big screen, live in HD …

Events coming up …

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The historic Quaker Meetinghouse stands at the top of the hill in the Maple Street Cemetery in Adams.
Sep 24 2022 @ 7:00 pm
The Adams Incubator, a co-working, art and event space paired with the redevelopment of the Adams Theater, will open for Artsweek Berkshires.
Ephraim Birney stars with his father, Reed Birney, in Chester Bailey at Barrington Stage Company.
Sep 24 2022 @ 8:00 pm
Boy meets girl. Boy uses wheelchair, girl uses wheelchair. Boy and girl use text-to-speech technology to connect to each other and the world around them.
Olivia's Overlook gives a glimpse of the lake and the valley below Yokun Ridge in Lenox.
Sep 25 2022 @ 9:00 am
Berkshire Camino connects Lenox to Pittsfield on a walk along Yokun Ridge and Lenox Mountain, begining with a climb to the ridge line.

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