Seeds and seedlings for Mother’s Day weekend — #Berkshireweekend

Mom, the world is green again. This is the week the leaves open, and the valleys are transforming overnight. If we were together this weekend, if you were here, we could go up to Wing and a Prayer native plant nursery in Cummington for tea and scones in the garden and look for the ones you’ve taught me, shad blow and marsh marigolds.

We could walk up the Dome Trail and look for trailing arbutus. Or have a picnic by the pond at Field Farm and keep an eye out for bobolinks in the hayfield, and listen for warblers and vireos.

Or the blues — I remember Gina Coleman singing on Juneteenth a year ago, low and strong an glad enough to fill the hall with the sound she describes as “the Latin and soul rhythms of her old South Bronx neighborhood, with lines of jazz, funk, Creole, and Zimbabwean — a fusion that feels natural and energizing.” She and the Misty Blues are playing on Friday night.

She reminds me of the records you play when you make bread, and we would all dance in the kitchen and help you knead the dough. Even if you and I are a few miles and hills away from each other this weekend, I’ll remember, while I’m out listening for orioles and planting the peas.

The new green of spring shows along the bank of Hoosic River in Williamstown.
Photo by Kate Abbott

The new green of spring shows along the bank of Hoosic River in Williamstown.

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Friendly goats join an outdoor yoga class at Hancock Shaker Village.
Jun 15 2024 @ 10:00 am
Hancock Shaker Village offers an outdoor yoga class ... with goats. Goats roam freely as you strike your poses with a certified yoga instructor.
A Baltimore Oriole looks out from a slender branch. Creative Commons courtesy photo.
Jun 18 2024 @ 8:00 am
Mass Audubon will explore Edith Wharton's historic home, including its woods, wetlands, and meadows, to find birds by sight and sound.
The Hoosic river runs high on a sunny afternoon at the Spruces in Williamstown.
Jun 20 2024 @ 5:30 pm
On Third Thursdays from April to October, Arianna Collins, director of the Hoosic River Watershed Association, and Justin Adkins, co-owner of Wild Soul River, explore the Hoosic River valley.

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