Turn Park sculpture reflects with humor

I was sitting on a cliff edge in a rocking chair. Bees were moving in the meadow flowers, even in a light rain, and Don Quixote with rivets in his shoulders held a daisy in his fingers. He was looking at it round-eyed. The new Turn Park Art Space in West Stockbridge is a quizzical kind of place.

I came here first in the spring, as the first sculptures came in. Architect Grigori Fateyev walked around the meadows with me, and he told me stories about Nikolai Silis and Vladimir Lemport and their circle of bright and rebellious young Soviet artists in the 1960s. I wondered what it would have been like to hang out in their shared studio on a warm evening and debate freedom in art and surrealism in Cervantes.

And I’ve been curious for months to see what the park would look like when it all came together. …

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