Colors swirl like a reflection in a drop of water water — but in this pendant, blue and green and gold will hold still. In studio, Jill Reynolds is making glass beads. She melts a rod of colored glass over a flame until it runs like taffy and then catches the strand of glass it around a thin metal wire, turning it over the flame so it melts evenly into shape, and then she adds new colors, rippling into one another.

She has talked with me about it on a winter afternoon, while I looked through beads and ornaments and marbles like tiny planets. They are bright and clear, and she will let you choose individual beads yourself if you want to, or she makes necklaces and small clear vessels.

You can find her shop along Route 8, between the Ashuwuillticook Rail Trail and Whitney’s Farm Market. Just past Cheshire’s main street, you’ll see her shop come up on the west side of the road.

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