Café Heaven Italian-style

This menu is robust. This menu spreads its elbow on the bar and toasts you with a knowing grin. ‘Lizzie’s oven-roasted wild mushrooms … your first kiss should be this good.’ The locals know it too. Elizabeth’s, out in the middle of mill country, is one of the few restaurants in the Berkshires where you always want to call ahead for reservations.

For more than 20 years, Tom and Elizabeth Ellis have been serving an Italian-inspired menu with a touch of Lebanese flavor. They make everything from scratch, from the broth and the sausage onward.

They lean toward pastas, Mediterranean shepherd’s pie, four-cheese lasagna with caramelized onion … The menu changes with the season, deeply warming on a winter night and friendly on a warm one, and it is friendly to vegetarians, though the specials are carniverous. And every meal begins with a tender and crusty local sourdough and giant bowls of locally sourced salad, even in January.