Modern artists' House and Studio

Picasso or Miró may hang in the hallway. Fannie Hillsmith and Balcomb Green join together in a sunny studio, recalling a monumental abstract exhibit from 1937.

George L.K. Morris and Suzy Frelinghuysen collected Modernists when the artists were living and barely known. New York artists themselves, they took an early lead in the Modernist movement in America, and they fought for Modernism when even Modern art museums turned away.

The Frelinghuysen Morris House and Studio in Lenox celebrates Modern art. Photo courtesy of Kinney Frelinghuysen

This art deco house in Lenox was their summer home and studio, and it is bright with their own frescoes, murals, collages and paintings. Today their nephew, T. Kinney Frelinghuysen, and his wife, Linda, guide the museum to preserve George and Suzy’s work and the Modernist artists they collected.

The museum rotates new works from the collection into the house and studio every summer, and regional artists give live demonstrations on sunny mornings.

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