Chamber of Commerce

Are you looking for sourdough or freshly made dumplings, acrobats at the farmers market and live music downtown, a quiet walk along the river, a cultural center dedicated to W.E.B. DuBois … or a good place to get a local beer?

The Southern Berkshire Chamber of Commerce covers a lot of ground. It is based in Great Barrington, known in the Berkshires for its concentration of shops and restaurants, and it has expanded to serve the towns around it — Monterey, Sheffield and Egremont, Becket and southern Connecticut. It also runs the visitors booth on Main Street in Great Barrington.

The Southern Berkshires holds old milltowns in the valleys and farming towns high in the hills. The land is influenced by the Mohicans who lived here for hundreds of years and return often today, and by DuBois and many generations before and after him, and by mill workers and farmers and Gilded Age summer people, and it has grown a long tradition of political and social activism, stubborn independence and the arts.

Today many of the towns and villages grow in the summer and fall, as people visit, and a growing local community walk in the hills year-round and come down to warm up over coffee before a concert or a talk or a performance by an international dance company.

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