Hoosic River Watershed Association

The Hoosic (Hoosac, Hoosick, Hoosuc) River is a broad waterway, and in Williamstown and North Adams it is often hidden plain sight.

The river runs through the northwest corner of Massachusetts, New York and southwestern Vermont — 720 square miles of watershed land, according to Lauren Stevens, a founding member of the association (and a longtime Berkshire journalist and naturalist).

Phlox blooms along the Hoosic River.Phlox blooms along the Hoosic River. Photo by Kate Abbott

He says the Algonquian name may mean “beyond place,” the river over the ridge. People living along the Connecticut on one side, and what is now the Hudson on the other, would come up here to tend gardens, hunt, fish and enjoy cool summer evenings.

The association is a group of local people who want to restore and conserve the river and bring people to enjoy it — paddling, biking and wandering along the bank or soaking your feet as you watch a migrating solitary sandpiper at the water’s edge.