Pick-your-own cherries, black raspberries, plums — David and Judy and Daniel Jurczak grow a wide and varied gathering of fruit at their farm on the ridge. You’ll find blueberries, raspberries and blackberries too in season, peaches in August (though not PYO) and 15 kinds of apples in the fall.

Apples are the way I first got to know them, when my college entry came up in September and wandered through the orchard, looking down toward Cheshire Lake in the valley. And then friends of mine would spend a day in the kitchen, peeling and slicing and canning apple sauce. We would

From mid-August with William’s Pride to late August with Snappy Macs, early September’s Zestars and mid- to late-September’s Cortland, Gala and Macintosh, Macoun, Empire, Liberty, Honeycrisp … and finishing off with Wolf River, Jonagold, Fuji, Brock and Golden Delicious.

They started in 1996, they say, by planting 1,000 dwarf apple trees and 50 blueberry bushes.
They added raspberries and the farm stand in 1999, the bakery and kitchen in 2000 and the cider mill in 2001. So you can find galumkis and other Polish fare here now, alongside the cider doughnuts.

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