New music and dance, fiction and nonfiction, patterns made of flower petals and colored sand … new work takes shape at the Marble House artist residencies in Dorset. The artists residency program — in a house geniunely made of Dorset stone — opened in 2015 and has been welcoming makers from across the country and beyond.

Artists live here for three week stretches, in studios on a hilltop in the Green Mountains, surrounded by marble steps and wildflowers. They work in the farm and garden and cook what they grow, and present their work in free open studio evenings for anyone who wants to see.

You may find yourself exploring translucent sculptures inspired by the Nevada desert, photographs of Turkish sandstorms and local stone quarries, collage rooted in the highlands of Yemen and the Caribbean flavors of Dominican cooking … The Marbe House also welcomes the community or garden tours, workshops and farm to table dinners with their culinary artists.

Artists on the land

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