Chamber of commerce

Massachusetts’ smallest city at the foot of the state’s highest mountain is becoming an known around the world. It’s an old manufacturing town at the western edge of the Mohawk Trail. It’s a community reviving and adapting after many of the mills closed down. And today it’s the home of one of the largest contemporary art museums on the planet.

Around Mass MoCA, the city is growing. Entrepreneurs are moving in, and the brick mill courtyards have turned into artist studios. At the Norad Mill today, you might find a vintage record shop or a skein of hand-dyed alpaca wool. You might sip a glass of raspberry mead or happen on a poetry reading with an independent press.

North Adams has its own small airport (and gliding club), and the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. And the city is richly rooted in generations of mill families, Irish and Italian, Polish and French. You’ll find old neighbors talking at Jack’s Hot Dogs or at the farmers market, summer concerts at Windsor Lake and the annual Fall Foliage Parade …

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