Locally roasted coffee, native plants or gently herbed hand cream … the regular Pittsfield Farmers Market welcomes in farmers and artisans together, and even landscape designers. You may meet a collective of young farmers who plough by horse-power. You may sample sunwarm blackberries from an 18th-century tavern in the hilltowns.

The year-round market has now become the only teen-led market in the region. Roots Rising, a program that helps teens to work at farms and food pantries throughout the Berkshires, supports crews working on farms inspring, summer and fall and the crew who runs the market in all seasons. They are working toward building a food truck crew as well.

Virtual Farmers Market

While the coronavirus physical distancing lasts. the Pittsfield Farmers Market has moved online. They have set up an online shop and a team of volunteer delivery drivers, taking careful precautions. You can find locally grown and made food each week, and they will come to you.

The market opens on Mondays at noon and stays open until they hit the maximum number of orders they can juggle that week — and it’s been selling out fast. They are also advocating for SNAP for online funds, and in the meantime they are offering discounts to anyone with SNAP benefits …