The coffee comes rich and smooth as chocolate, with croissants and sunlit marmalade. The hot chocolate is the real melted chocolate kind, thick enough that a spoon will stand up in it, and it comes from a Corsican recipe.

Pleasant and Main looks like a cafe grown in an antique shop, in its quiet corner of Housatonic, and its menu is bright and unexpected. Plate-sized pancakes with cherries and eggs Florentine — it offers country fare with a European undertone.

It’s the kind of place where you’ll find the wood stove lit on a winter day and the owner clearing snow while he waits to put on the coffee.

And though it’s a café with table service, it has the informal quiet of a coffee shop, and it would be an easy place to relax with wi-fi or a Sunday crossword puzzle. I’ve driven an hour to share a hot drink here on a cold morning, and I will again.

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