On a winter night, the lights are warm. The walls are lined with jars of rose petals and spearmint, gentle herbs, and chairs sit in a circle by the window inviting you to put your feet up and sip your tea. Rebecca Guanzon and justin adkins may be brewing a cup or talking with regulars, or putting a new record on the player.

In spring 2021 they renovated this longtime lunch counter space and opened their own place — a place for tea and coffee, herbs and books, local honey, and more than anything else, community. justin has roots here, after years living in the neighborhood and working with the Davis Center at Williams, and he and Rebecca moved back here together.

Together they are offering a warm blend of activism, herbalism, healing and storytelling. They hold workshops on anything from cordials to Tarot reading, book groups, poetry open mics and more. (In full disclosure, a few years ago, justin was my landlord for awhile, and I got to enjoy his garden and his chickens, before he moved away. And now he and Rebecca are my neighbors.)

BTW Berkshires