Duck egg tacos with hot sausage and greens? Baklava and fresh moussaka? The Williamstown Farmers Market is growing. Farmers, food producers, artists and artisans will gather in the expanded parking lot at the end of Spring Street from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. every Saturday from mid-May to mid-October.

A group of 30 or more vendors come regularly to the market, says market manager and potter Anne Hogeland. Farmers offer greens and herbs, cheese and eggs, honey and relishes. The market varies with season, Hogeland explains, so you may find asparagus and strawberries early in the season and blueberries, peaches, plums and apples later in the summer

Artisans will bring handmade work, anything from wooden bowls to ukuleles. And around the conversations and flavors, acoustic musicians will perform live — folk, fiddle, banjo, percussion, with performers like Williams College alum Lucy Rollins, who farms with Brian Cole at Bigfoot Farm, the newest farm in town. And Bigfoot will be at the market with salad greens, tatsoi, mizuna, spinach, kale and radishes.

Cindy Nikitas of Cindy's Cookin' Greek serves spanikopita at the Williamstown Farmers Market.
Courtesy of the Williamstown Farmers Market

Fresh food on the go

The market offers more than ingredients — you can pick up breakfast or lunch too, hot off the griddle. Every week will bring local chefs, including Robin Lenz from the long-lamented Robin’s Restaurant turns local cheese into melting sandwiches, and Cindy Nikitas, well-known from her years at Michaels Restaurant, will appear throughout the summer as Cindy’s Cookin’ Greek.
Mike Kelly and Shane Doolan have made farm-to-table mobile with their new Cornucopia Food Truck, and they source some of their ingredients from farmers at the market: Grateful Greens, meat from Kim Wells at East Mountain Farm, kimchi from Hosta Hill to go with the salmon sliders.