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Looking out from the hills, Williamstown is a college town. It was founded with Williams College, one of the top liberal arts colleges in the country, and it has grown from from a farming communty along the Hoosic River to a center of the arts. The college and the town have grown together, and their relationship is often complex.

The college gives the town an energy. On a quiet night in late fall you can spend an evening with a folk musician from central India or an astronomer who can share a cider doughnut and a new theory on the nature of black holes.

A young visitor decorates a cookie at the annual Williamstown Holiday Walk.
Williamstown Chamber

A young visitor at the Williamstown Holiday Walk.

That energy has pull. It may be why you can find Frank Lloyd Wright’s influence in a brick storefront on Water Street. The Clark Art Institute and the Williams College Museum of Art bring artists who have exhibited around the world, and the Williamstown Theatre Festival has sent eight plays to New York just this year.

Around the college today, local businesses and small farms are growing with local support. You can taste local cheese at Cricket Creek or maple syrup at Ioka Valley Farm. And you can walk the trails along the Taconic Ridge, or through the fields of the Williamstown Rural Lands Foundation, or follow the Appalachian Trail across Mount Greylock and over the state line into the vast forests in Vermont.

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