I wonder as I wander at Mass MoCA

Mass MoCA could have a writer-in-residence — I’ve thought that before. Imagine the stories someone could write. Walking through “Explode Every Day: An Inquiry into Wonder” one more time before it closes on March 19, I listened to whale song in a dark room over glinting hermit crabs and thought it again. The show takes it’s name from a quote from Ray Bradbury, and looking at these installations I can easily see fantasy or science fiction spinning off from them: luminous bindweed — a philosphy kit in a portable cabinet like a case for metal type — a giant bottle rocket carrying a thread of blue light, like the Tesseract in a Marvel comic.

I don’t know whether it would sound more phantasmagoric or futuristic, but I can imagine echoes of Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose of or David Mitchell’s The Bone Clocks — time travel, hidden libraries or hidden worlds.



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