The crowd waves and cheers around the outdoor stage at FreshGrass 2017. Press photo courtesy of Mass MoCA.

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FreshFrass festival
Photo by Kate Abbott

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You want to know what to do this weekend. You want to find places only the local people know. You want to meet people who feel the same way? Come out and explore …

We live in a rare place in Western Massachusetts. We have minds at work out here in the country, and minds at play too. I live and write here. I’m a local journalist, so I get to walk behind the scenes and talk with people about what they love. We all want connection — we want to laugh, share ideas, dance barefoot and listen to music on a mountain at night … Let’s go see what we can find.

Stories of the week

Zumba livens up a Third Thursday street festival in downtown Pittsfield.
Photo by Susan Geller

About Town

Want to know what’s happening in town this weekend? From North Adams to Lenox, we’re seeing a new energy in the Berkshires. Wherever we are in the pandemic now, locals are adapting and new voices are coming in. If you’re looking for nightlife or a good cup of coffee, a vintage t-shirt or an artisan fair … take a look through our Berkshire towns.

The town names above also become links to their town pages — two to three of them

Actors perform comedy outdoors at Shakespeare & Company in Lenox.
Shakespeare & Company

Theater and music

We have emerging singer-songwriters, bluegrass legends and Yo-yo Ma on summer nights … sometimes all of them together. We’re known around the world for the people who come here to play, and they can be global travelers or as local and familiar as the farmer’s market on the corner. Or both. And we can dance to the beat.


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