Why create a digital Berkshire  guide? I have loved this place and written about it for 20 years, and in this site I want to create a guide of a kind I have not seen anywhere else.

This is an arts and events calendar for the region — music and theater and dance. It’s a guide to hiking trails and canoe trips and restaurants linked to local farms. It’s a look at what’s going on here that gets under the surface, close enough to show what an artist feels or an event feels like.

And, bringing them all together, it’s a hub for our creative community, which has been growing for years and gathering critical mass.

Some things it is not. This is not a crowd-sourced website, and it is not a comprehensive list of every restaurant in the county. I am one person writing about a place I love, and I want to share what gets my blood moving.

This site was designed and coded by Kate Krolicki.