Bollywood, or live scores to silent films, or Christopher Plummer accepting a lifetime achievement award — film in the Berkshires can go anywhere. Film-makers and independent films, documentaries and animation come year-round to local museums, colleges and cinemas. 

We have more going on behind the scenes. Film pioneer Doug Trumbull — known for the effects in films like Blade Runner and Close Encounters of the Third Kind — has drawn a film community here for decades, and today he is innovating in 21st-dentury digital technology, designing magi pods like portable IMAX theaters.

And to blend the future with the past, within an evening’s drive in New York State you can still find a drive-in theater. Bring a farm picnic to the next Avengers movie and sit on the hood of your car, leaning back against the windshield, while children run in the grass.

Film in the Berkshires

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