So who’s writing these stories? By the Way Berkshires begins with a local writer and journalist, and it is growing. You will find voices here from many perspectives — Williams College students and young alums, a longtime Berkshire naturalist and freelance writers. Let us introduce ourselves.

First of all, we are storytellers. We get to talk with people about about what they love. We’ve gotten to hang out with Shakespearean actors and bhangra dancers. Walked through fields where a young herd of free-range pigs snuffled around our knees. Shaped earthenware pots for a wood-fired kiln.

We believe it matters that you can see who we are. When you’re reading a story, you’ll know something about the people talking with you. You’ll know where the stories come from. You’ll know the people who are talking with us, and how they know what they know. And you’ll know our perspectives. We influence the stories we choose and the questions we ask and the words we choose. We’re not advertisers — we don’t get paid by the people we write about. We write about what moves us and what we want to share.

Tricia De Souza says she sees our job as uplifting the whole region by creating a place where we all can come together. “By the Way Berkshires gives voice to diverse narratives,” she says. “… (It is) more than a digital magazine; it is a network … for people invested in shaping the future of the Berkshires.” We’re making the future we want to live in.

Photo by Markus Bergvind

Kate Abbott (editor)

My name is Kate — Katherine Osborn Abbott — and I am a freelance writer in the Berkshires. For about eight years I was the editor of Berkshires Week, a weekly arts and culture magazine in the Berkshire Eagle, and now I also write for the Boston Globe, Hill Country Observer and others.


Ella Napack

Ella Napack is a student at Williams College, class of 2023, where she is an English and Studio Art double major. Her home base is Harrison, N.Y., but she feels lucky to be able to call Williamstown home. Ella loves anything and everything writing-related, and is passionate about storytelling and […]

Photo by Thom Smith

Thom Smith

Thom Smith has been walking in the Berkshire woods for generations. He is a local naturalist and a nature columnist for the Berkshire Eagle, and for many years he was the natural science curator at the Berkshire Museum. He has been writing about his favorite Berkshire expeditions for years and sharing them with me.

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