Are you looking for an expedition on a sunny Saturday?

I’ll create some rambles and guided explorations — for a theme or a town or a day when you’re here for a concert tonight at Mass MoCA and you’re looking for adventure.

We have hundreds of beautiful places here when you know where to look. I remember a weekend when my sister came to visit and we showed up at Jacob’s Pillow for a free Inside/Out performance. It was raining, and so on a whim we got tickets to see a Taiwanese choreographer and her company. We ate mussels outdoors in a restaurant under a tent, with garlic and lemon on our fingers.

So I’d like to share some of my favorite places with you. I find new ones every day. I’ll turn down a back road or check out a bookstore in a barn and find myself spinning like a kid with a sparkler, amazed that the world can be like this, even for a minute. And I’ve lived here for 20 years.

That weekend, my sister and I drove her tiny car to Monterey, to a roadside stand where we could get plate-sized blueberry pancakes made with ingredients from the farm across the way. The eggs came from their chickens, the milk from their cows, and the maple syrup from their trees.

BTW Berkshires