Where can we find farmers marketsor co-ops, local markets and farm stores in the Berkshires? A lot of us are looking for local sources of food, especially right now. And in the Berkshires those sources are adapting to a world with Covid-19 and giving back to the community.

In Covid-19, Berkshire co-ops and farmers markets are adapting online and in the open …

Are you looking for strawberries for a picnic tonight, so you can talk with a friend and keep a healthy distance? Or a takeout soup, or ingredients that feel safe. Chicken. Salad greens. Fresh bread. Or it’s a hot day today — maybe ice cream.

Anywhere in the Berkshires, we can find them nearby. Farmers markets are moving online. Farms with websites and farm stores are sharing space (physically and digitally) with others who need it — so you can stop in at a dairy farm and find eggs, maple syrup and sausage along with the cheeses.

Co-op markets are offering curbside pickup too, and we have venerable co-ops here, local markets that have grown here for generations — from the Berkshire Co-op and Guido’s in Great Barrington to Wild Oats in Williamstown.

And more and more, local cafes and bakeries and food shops are offering grocery boxes and deliveries. You can get kitchen supplies and staples, eclairs, olive oil … and in a few weeks the berries will be ripe.

Co-ops and local markets

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Pittsfield Farmers Market

The year-round Pittsfield Farmers Market has now become the only teen-led market in the region, with Roots Rising, a program that helps teens to work at farms and food pantries throughout the Berkshires. The market welcomes in farmers and artisans together, local coffee roasters and even landscape designers.