You can stop in for ice cream or farmstead cheese and sit at a picnic table, looking across the field where the young calves are out to pasture. High Lawn Farm in Lee now has its own creamery store.

They have been aging cheeses, from brie-like soft wheels to a pressed hard cheese washed in Shire Breu-haus IPA, says Roberto Laurens Jr., the new head of specialty foods. His father is the general manager.
They have also been expanding their ice creams, he says, including a new partnership with Tunnel City Coffee in North Adams, which now sells ice creams made with their coffee and baked goods.

They have renovated the 1930s dairy plant into the new farm store. Along with their dairy line, they are bringing in local breads, charcuterie and more. Raphael Grinbert is joining them as the store manager, Laurens says, with experience in running Alta restaurant in Lenox and Chez Nous in Lee.

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