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Thank you for rambling through the Berkshires with me. Most of the content you see on By the Way Berkshires is free and open to everyone. You can explore stories and events, coffee shops and trails up Mount Greylock, and if you’re looking for anything you don’t see here, you can ask me about it.

Herman Melville wrote Moby-Dick at Arrowhead, his historic house and former farm in Pittsfield.
Photo by Kate Abbott

Herman Melville wrote Moby-Dick at Arrowhead, his historic house and former farm in Pittsfield.

Extra content and extra tools are also here for people who join me in the work.

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    • BTW Itineraries - Are you coming for James Taylor and want to know what else to do on July 4? Let me show you where I’d go with friends.
    • BTW Columns - I’ll get behind the scenes and tell you about the kinds of places the locals know and what it’s like to be a writer in the hills.
  • Custom Itineraries - I'll put together a collection of places to visit and events specifically for you, based on your interests and travel plans.

I am one person keeping this website going in my free time.

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Courtesy of Mass MoCA

BTW Itineraries

I’ll create itineraries, guided explorations — for a theme or a town, or a day when you’re here for a concert tonight at Mass MoCA and you’re looking for adventure. Let me share some of my favorite places with you.