Tap dance and flamenco artists are rehearsing in a spare and sunlit studio in a renovated barn. The rhythms of their feet and bodies becomes music and movement in one, and the energy builds between them as they improvise, challenging and laughing.

Long Beach City College dancers perform on the Inside / Out Stage at Jacobs Pillow Dane Festival

The dance world has had a hub in the Berkshires since modern dance pioneer Ted Shawn came here in the 1930s. Jacob’s Pillow International Dance Festival brings companies from across the country and across the world to his mountaintop in Becket.

Homegrown and global artists perform on college stages, theaters and concert halls, and community events get everyone on their feet together. And on a sunlit image, dancers (like the company at Long Beach City College) perform at Jacob’s Pillow.

Dance in the Berkshries

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Jacob’s Pillow

Dancers, companies and choreographers come from around the world to the top of a mountain in Becket, where an old farm has become the campus of an international festival. The pioneering Modern dance choreographer Ted Shawn founded Jacob’s Pillow here more than 80 years ago.


Williams ’62 Center

Williams College renovated a brick-and-column theatre into the ’62 Center for Theatre and Dance, a 21st-century performance space, with four stages and high-end sound and video. In the fall and spring, national and international performers appear here along with student groups, and in summer it is the home of the Williamstown Theatre Festival.