You know how it feels when you’re listening to live music and you feel completely unselfconscious — you feel like you could walk up to anyone around you and start talking — or dancing?

On a summer night I remember sitting on an outdoor stage near here with a dance company from Lagos. They were going to perform in a day or two, but tonight they were meeting the community. Musicians and dancers moved together in a circle. They set up a beat, drums and feet and hands, someone picked up guitar, and they invited all of us in until we were all barefoot up on stage in a procession, keeping the rhythm with our bodies and laughing.

We have a lot of nights like that here. For a long time this part of the world has grown a commnity of creative people. People live here because we like the feel of the earth and the feel of our minds working. People come visit to share in that feeling.

And so we have internationally known dancers and musicians, sculptors and painters, actors and playwrights — and local homegrown ones — all within touch. And we get to meet them. Come take a look.

BTW Berkshires