Furnace Brook Winery

At Hilltop Orchards, the Vittori family grow apples and make cider and wine on 200 acres. A brother and sister, John and Wendy, bought the orchard more than 30 years ago and preserved the land. They have a farm store and trails open year-round.

John studied cider making in England, and the Vittoris make their own American hard ciders from Hilltop apples. The farm has been an apple orchard for more than a hundred years.

They grow 26 kinds of apples now. In the spring you can see the orchards in bloom, and in the fall you can pick your own Macouns, honeycrisp, crispins and more, including several kinds of heirloom apples.

They also grow wine grapes now from vineyards in the Northeast and California for 15 different wines, along with a French style Cidre, Apple Ice Wine and a dry gold cider made from golden russets.

In spring and summer you can come for an informal tasting at the store or fresh cider donuts, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day. You can walk the trails any time and sit back with live music in the summer and hayrides in the fall.

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