Berkshire Grown supports farms and local food across the county and offers resources for finding local farmers, orchards, farm stands and farm-to-table restaurants. It also holds its own farmers markets in the fall, winter and spring in Great Barrington and Williamstown.

As farms across the county are adapting to Covid-19 / coronavirus — and as more and more of us are looking for local sources of food we feel we can trust — Berkshire Grown has been working with Berkshire farms and bakeries and farm-to-table restaurants (open for takeout) to get the word out about what they do.

They have launched a new series of podcasts that air every Thursday at 6 p.m. with local farmers, who will talk about what they make and grow — from goat cheese to greens — and about why and how they grow it. They are local farmers who care for small farms, and they will talk about no-till farming, farming withou herbicides or pesticides, sustainability … and why they love the work they do.


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