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You might think you were walking into a cinema a hundred years ago to catch a talkie or a newsreel. The lights came on here in 1916, in the days of silent film and Buster Keaton — and Images Cinema still shows new films every week, with organic pop corn and real butter.

Images is a non-profit community movie theater in Williamstown, and one of the few remaining single-screen, independent theaters still running in this country. And it has not only kept going into the digital age, but has recently expanded to add a second screen.

The food at the counter is local, and so are some of the films. Some are also free, and the cinema holds community events including an annual Freshfest with local farmers. Images brings in independent, international and contemporary films often hard to find,
and popular new releases as well.

You might see Emma Thompson as a late-night comedy host, or a documentary about a black family in San Fransisco trying to restore an old home and neighborhood, or a
Miyazaki animated film about disgruntled ghosts and paths to other worlds.