The city in the hills is at play. The annual 10×10 Upstreet Arts Festival is in town, and you can watch a ceramics artist or an ice sculptor at work. You can listen to jazz at Dottie’s Coffee Lounge and writers dreaming of new futures, or move with a chreorgapher in Ghanaian dance and talk about strength in a changing world.

Every year in late February, the city holds a weeklong celebration with art and music, theater and independent film. Barrington Stage Company started the idea more than 10 years ago, and it has grown. It’s that time of year when winter has hung on and spring is barely on the horizon, and people want color and energy.

For 10 days, the locals will an art show and live music, hand drumming and walks on local trails. Hancock Shaker Village will get involved, Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, naturalists from the Berkshire Resources Council. In 2022, events will take place around town, at theaters and coffee shops, parks and museums.

Look down and you’ll find upcoming events below (or check out the BTW events calendar).

10×10 Festival 2022 — Highlights

Upcoming 10x10 Festival Events