OMI International Art Center

Artists, writers, musicians and dancers from across the world have come to an old farm house in this quiet corner of a small town in upstate New York. The Omi International Arts Center has hosted more than 2,000 artists from more than 100 countries in its residencies in dance and music, art and architecture, writing and translation.

Come to an informal concert and you might hear a wind player from Korea fingering a high melody, while a percussionist from Bogatá keeps a beat with her hands, and an Australian trombonist sits barefoot on a folding chair.

Anyone is welcome to come to events and wander the grounds, free, and they are open daily. Omi sits on 300 acres in the Hudson Valley. Contemporary artists and architects show their work outdoors in the Field Sculpture Park and indoors the galleries. Director Zach Feuer left New York City to open the Retrospective Gallery in Hudson, N.Y. He had run a thriving Manhattan gallery for many years and founded the New Art Dealers Alliance to support new voices in contemporary art.

Former director Bill Maynes produces and directs documentaries of artists and writers, and he also owned a long-running gallery in Chelsea representing contemporary artists in painting, sculpture and photography.

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